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Formed by three sisters (Ting, Tracy and Nancy) in the spring of 2000, Sisters' Pantry has become a Colorado favorite for all-natural, healthy and delicious dumplings and all-purpose dipping sauces. After years in the restaurant business, from when the young sisters worked in their mother's restaurant in Taiwan to success in the United States and finally selling their popular Boulder restaurant, Nancy and Ting once again returned to their passion for creative healthy cuisine. Living in Boulder for over twenty-five years, the sisters have come to appreciate the demand within the community for healthy cooking and new, fresh ideas.

Building on traditional conceptions of the Chinese pork dumpling, Sisters' developed a whole new flavor with chicken and fresh Thai basil. The ensuing garden vegetable dumpling with trademark all-natural green color, bursts with flavor yet maintains a crunchy freshness that has made it a favorite of vegetarians and carnivores alike although it is completely vegan! To spice things up with a completely new flavor, Sisters' Pantry created a delicious spicy Thai-style Red Curry Chicken Dumpling that brings a delicious sweet heat to the lineup. And to round things out, we have our all-natural traditional Pork Dumpling. To complement the dumplings, Sisters' developed dipping sauces unlike any others. A commitment to freshness, healthy food and flavor led to the creation of a refreshing sauce that carefully blends fresh squeezed lime, garlic and soy, and can be used for almost anything: dipping, dressing, marinating, glazing and stir-frying. Sisters' Pantry's Spicy Peanut Sauce is another delicious offering that has been met with rave reviews. Created as an entirely original recipe, the Spicy Peanut Sauce is great as a salad dressing, dipping sauce, stir-fry sauce or as a glaze and will add a nice kick to almost all meats, fish, poultry or vegetables. Use it on its own or blend in a little Fresh Lime Soy sauce for a truly unique flavor.

Sisters' Pantry started out at the Boulder Farmers' Market, and then grew to include local summer events and festivals. We now have our products available through various stores throughout the Rocky Mountain region and are looking to expand our availability across the USA.